Every letter is a fearful one!
This was my second successive year participating in a global initiative that brings creatives from all over the world together to create a series of letterforms and numbers. I focused on various phobias experienced by people worldwide. This year's theme was both educational and socially conscious.
Here's a look at different types of phobias :
1. Acrophobia 2. Brontophobia 3. Coimetrophobia 4. Dikephobia 5. Equinophobia 6.Fellinophobia 7.Gymnophobia (Fear of Nudity) 8. Hylophobia 9. Inscetophobia 10. Japanophobia 11. Kenophobia (Fear of Void) 12. Lilapsophobia (Fear of tornadoes) 13. Methyophobia 14. Necrophobia 15. Ombrophobia (Fear of Rains) 16. Pupaphobia 17. Quadraplegiphobia 18. Randidophobia 19. Satanophobia 20. Thanatophobia 21. Uranophobia (Fear of Heavens) 22. Vaccinophobia 23. Wiccanophobia 24. Xanthophobia 25. Y-U-NOphobia (This is a fake phobia. There's no phobia by the letter Y) 26. Zeusophobia

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