Part 2
With the world still fighting a pandemic with no visible end, it could be well noted that the classrooms had already started to undergo the process of transformation. The fact that technology had emerged as a cohesive solution to the disruption proved the point that the archaic artefacts had already started to dissolve and give birth to a new system; A new hybrid world.
The reevaluation of classrooms was necessary not only as an ad hoc response to emergencies but also as a means to mitigate the needless expenditure of energy and the squandering of time. Designing societies that prioritize the needs of users rather than maximizing output is of utmost significance.
The Manifesto
Transformation is inevitable. Transgression happens by choice.
Having witnessed the biggest transgression in the past few months and our reality being forcefully changed over the past few months and it has given birth to a new paradigm & witnessed the biggest transformation of all time. Today’s classrooms are one of the most questionable spaces in a time of minimal human contact and disease-prone spaces. We’re in a time period where physical norms call for a change.
Having faced the biggest transgression in the face of society, we took our first steps towards the creation of a “new” society, a “new” normality. Breaking Anthropocentric norms and adapting to nature rather than transgressing onto it, this reality has become a thing of the past. This is not anymore the old normal.
It is time to look beyond the precipice.
The primary objective of the project was to offer a fresh outlook on the classrooms of the future. Each facet of the manifesto introduced a distinct path that classrooms could potentially embrace for their advancement. Upon meticulous scrutiny, every aspect of the manifesto continues to hold relevance, with its prospective applications readily discernible in the current post-pandemic era.

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