The Process
ENAC's approach to curating this collection has been both pragmatic and pedagogical, presenting information in a detailed manner supported by scientific papers. Additionally, the collection includes detailed information about the health organizations that endorse specific nutraceuticals, providing a comprehensive and well-rounded resource for users.
ENAC shared the nutraceutical documents containing information and scientific data with me. After reviewing the content, I researched and selected suitable visuals and imagery to enhance the presentation of these nutraceuticals. Subsequently, I began creating illustrations of the nutraceuticals in a style that aligns with the intended message and audience, ensuring they are visually appealing and informative.
Illustration Style & Typography
The illustration style was mainly inspired by the hand-drawn style paired with digital design. Each element was carefully chosen to create a simple yet engaging illustration that allowed the reader to understand the subject and explain the information at the same time.
The compendium was launched on 2nd September, coinciding with "International Nutraceutical Day." The event garnered significant attention and was attended by eminent personalities from the industry. Renowned nutrition experts hailed the compendium for highlighting the importance and relevance of nutraceuticals in our day-to-day lives. 

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