Let's get started, but where?
Let's start by understanding our audience. Our primary audience includes a diverse range of individuals, from accommodation providers to insight specialists and individual house renters to large corporations specialising in Purpose Built Student Accommodations (PBSAs). As I delved into this sector, I discovered a complex web of factors, including various aspects of student living and significant geopolitical implications such as migration, housing crises, and the microeconomics of daily life. However, our focus remains on PBSA owners and operators.
The purpose is to provide insight-driven impact in the fragmented landscape of student housing, consolidating key industry developments into a comprehensive report.
The typography, visuals, and especially the graphs are instrumental in conveying the depth of information required to represent the insights derived from the data accurately. The report represents amber's primary foray into producing actionable insights and cementing its position in the market as a strong global student housing consultancy and management.
The "Global Student Housing Report: 2022-23" has not only provided invaluable insights into the student housing sector but has also significantly bolstered amber's standing as a leading global consultancy and management firm in this field. Its success underscores amber's commitment to excellence and innovation, further solidifying its position as a trusted advisor in the student housing market.
Client : Amberstudent (2023)

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